Sopolish Peel Aid 8 ml

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Sopolish Protect & Peel removal made even easier!

  • Faster and easier peel-off removal of Sopolish Protect & Peel
  • Soft Acetone-free formula
Why you love it

The Sopolish Peel Aid offers an easy brush-on application for smooth removal.

  • Easier peel-off process for the Protect & Peel base
  • Soft-Acetone free formula
  • Contains vitamin E
  • Instantly cleans nails and totally nail-friendly

The new Sopolish Peel Aid is an innovative solution for an even faster and easier peel-off removal of your Protect & Peel manicure, at home or in the salon. It has an instant effect of clean nails and is totally nail-friendly. The Sopolish Peel Aid contains vitamin E, in order to nourish the natural nail during the peel-off process.

  • File the Sopolish open at the free edge of the nail
  • Apply the “Sopolish Peel Aid” around the edges of the Sopolish Protect & Peel on all 10 nails. Use one brush-dip per nail.
  • The skin will automatically lift at the edges. Use the long bended tweezer to lift the Vital Nail skin and, if required, add additional peel aid underneath.
  • Gently peel off the remaining Vital Nail Skin. Easy peasy and totally nail friendly.
  • Rub clean with a paper tissue if required and disinfect with Pro Septic.
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