Xpress Shine Buffer 6 pcs

Ref 33249
Perfect shine in no time!
  • Green side: removes small imperfections of the natural nail
  • White side: polishes the nail, giving it a healthy gloss
Why you love it
Double effect: eliminates small imperfections & gives a healthy gloss to nails.
The Xpress Shine Buffer gives perfect shine in no time. Buff the nails and give the nails their natural and healthy gloss back. Also perfect for 'glossing up' gel nails or to eliminate small imperfections on the natural nail plate before the application with Sopolish.
  • 2 sides with different properties
  • Green: eliminates imperfections
  • White: polishes the nail
  • Packed per 6 pieces
  • First use the green side to even out any ridges and impurities.
  • Then polish with the white side for a perfect natural shine.
  • Can be used on natural nails
  • Or to eliminate small imperfection on the natural nail before applying Sopolish
  • Or to "gloss up" gel nails

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