Ingrown Nail Cutter 17 mm

Ref 28700

The perfect tool to tackle ingrown toenails!

  • Fine pointed, stainless steel, nail cutter
  • Ideal for efficiently cutting ingrown toenails 
Why you love it

This tool allows you to efficiently deal with ingrown toenails!

  • Fine pointed nail cutter
  • Suited for cutting ingrown nails
  • Easy to clean: you can perfectly sterilize this tool 
  • Safe to use
  • Durable and wear-resistant stainless steel 420
  • Access the smallest corners thanks to the fine pointed tip

Fine pointed nail cutter made of stainless steel 420, a very durable and wear-resistant material. This makes for a very long lifespan, even with frequent use. You can clean and sterilise this tool perfectly! The Fine Pointed Nail Cutter is ideally suited for cutting ingrown nails. Use this handy fine pointed nail cutter to get rid of nails in the smallest of corners easily!

  • Use for cutting ingrown toenails
  • After use: clean and sterilise this tool
  • Maintenance tip: after cleaning, lubricate the joints of your pedicure tools with a drop of cuticle oil.

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