Clinifile for Feet

Ref 30180

A must-have for every nail technician who wants to offer a high quality and professional pedicure. 

  • High quality file for toe nails
  • Double sided grid: 100/180 
Why you love it

This practical file will allow you to offer the perfect pedicure at your salon.

  • High quality 
  • Double sided grid: 100/180 
  • Especially developped for toe nails
  • Easy to clean with Clinilotion

High quality file especially created for toe nails. This file is easy to clean and will last you for a very long time. Use this file to lengthen and shape toe nails.

  • Use to file toe nails into the desired length and shape.
  • After use: disinfect the file with ProNails Clinilotion

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