Flower Water Decal

Ref 29674

Flower power, baby! 

  • Easy nail art decorations
  • You need water to apply them on the nail 
Good To Know

These nail stickers are so flexible they will easily follow the shape and curve of the nails. You can apply them on Gellak or Sopolish to create a powerful effect!

You’ll be everyone’s favourite flower girl! And as you know: fresh flowers need water! These nail decorations are not your ordinary nail stickers, they are water decals that will transfer to the nail by using just a little bit of water! The flowers are so thin they look like they’ve been painted on. They are also slightly transparent, so the blend beautiful with every colour you place them on!


Mix & match different colours of flowers to create a lush effect. Make sure you create enough contrast between the colour of the nail and the stickers.

After you’ve applied the flower to the nail, dap the nail using a cotton pad to remove excess water.


  • Easy nail art
  • Can be combined with many colours
  • Choose the flower you’d like to use and cut it from the sheet
  • Add it to a dappen dish filled with water and wait about 10 seconds
  • Pick the flower from the dish using a pair of tweezers and apply them to the nail
  • To finish, protect your look using your favourite ProNails Gloss

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