Effect Kit 3 pcs - Flow-Motion Cat Eye Gels

Ref 29596
Make those nails dance
  • Effect Gel Kit with colours: Copper Glow 6 ml, Pink Swirl 6 ml, Silver Thrill 6 ml
  • Magnetic Stick included
Good To Know
Kit including a magnetic stick. Can be combined with Gellak and Sopolish.

Each of these gels shows a mesmerizing 3D colour-changing effect, which dances elegantly on the nails when moved against the light. They are available in a copper, pink and silver hue that will perfectly embrace this season's colour trends. They are soakable LED/UV Effect gels that can be used on both SoPolish or Gellak colours. Preferably darker colours for a more powerful result.

  • Easy to use
  • Several possibilities
  • Multiple colour combinations
  • Apply 1 or 2 layers Cat Eye Effect Gel on a cured colour gel or Sopolish colour
  • For both effects hold the magnetic stick just above the Cat Eye Gel when it hasn’t cured yet to make the design appear.
  • Let it cure
  • Remove the sticky layer
  • Buff your nails with Soft Finisher to get more 3D effect
  • Apply a layer of your favourite gloss and let it cure a second time

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