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15/02 - Salon Safety & Hygiene


When it comes to safety and hygiene in your salon, you can't be too careful. Only when you apply all safety guidelines 100% correctly, your clients can be confident that they are in good hands. During this webinar on Monday February 15th from 4 to 5 pm, we will show you all the steps for an optimal and safe salon hygiene.


Learn to use all ProNails nail liquids correctly!

Every nail service starts (and ends) with a thorough disinfection. For this, the right disinfectants are essential. We explain in detail which product you are using for what purpose and how. That way, you will never be faced with any surprises!

Our professional nail liquids ensure the correct degreasing of the nail, the removal of the adhesive layer and the smooth removal of our LongWear nail polish. Only when you use the right, professional nail liquids from ProNails, you can be sure there will be no adhesion or lifting problems.

Moreover, during this webinar, we have launched some Limited Editions must-haves and a great deal you can’t miss!